All our clothes are manufactured ethically around the world, in small-size, family-run, high-end ateliers. We are very proud to make some of our garments in India where we can have a real impact and support local artisans and benefit from the incredible craftsmanship available there. Each woven piece is carefully crafted by a skilled tailor so that it has all the attention it deserves. 
We do not make our pieces by the traditional assembly line, involving repetitive work for many low-skilled workers, each sewing one seam of the garment. Because our highly-skilled tailors make a whole piece from start to finish we are able to deliver incredible quality and finishing and create luxurious pieces while tracing back exactly who made it and show you all the hard work we do backstage. This process is extremely time-consuming, delicate, meticulous and precise. Each of our pieces has a label with the name of the tailor who has made it, so you can see the people behind your clothes that are usually completely forgotten. Our tailors are proud to make our clothes and so are we! Follow our adventures on social media to meet them and the whole team involved in the making of your clothes…

We care deeply about people, animals and the environment and our practices reflect our words. We work only with small workshop owners that provide safe, fair and pleasant working environments and care about each member of their team. Our business practices are respectful of people, the earth and animals at every single stage. Even though this is not currently the norm, we strongly believe it should be no matter the business. 

We use luxurious, high-end natural fabrics, semi-synthetic fabrics of natural origin and recycled natural or synthetic fabrics. All our materials are recyclable, biodegradable and/or compostable (if organically dyed) and chosen because they are processed without any chemicals or with a lot less chemicals compared to conventional fabrics. We do our absolute best to create pieces that are mono-material or of easily recyclable blends so that they are easily up-cycled when the times comes. Quality is extremely important to us as we make garments that last for a very long time when properly cared for. Nothing is more unsustainable than buying cheap clothes and discarding them every few months, that is why we make clothes that matter and last. 

We use certified organic materials and low-impact dyes whenever possible to reduce to the maximum the amount of pesticides and chemicals in the environment and on your skin. We use different blends of bamboo and lotus viscose or modal for our woven fabrics as they are derived from natural renewable resources, are fast-growing and economical in water usage and need no pesticides. Even though in the process of making viscose and modal there are still some chemicals involved, these fabrics are much better for the environment than any type of synthetic fabrics that account for most of the clothing today, whether High Street or High End. Because we are a start-up,  there are so many more amazing fabrics to come in future collections, watch out for our new materials that will include other amazing sustainable fabrics such as hemp, linen, new innovate natural blends of fibres and recycled fabrics!

We keep all our packaging bare and minimal, everything that we use is recycled and recyclable. We created upcycled and reusable garment bags with bits and pieces of leftover fabrics from other brands/designers that would otherwise remain unused and eventually end up in landfill. Our goal is to reduce to the absolute minimum disposable packaging sent out in your package and that ends up in the trash two minutes after it’s open (we say no to tissue papers, stickers, catalogues & lookbooks, protective plastic wrappings etc…) Our tags, threads and shipping boxes are made from recycled natural materials and are 100% recyclable. We strive to be a zero-waste and plastic-free company. Even our business cards are made from cotton T-shirt cutting waste and completely wood-free & we always look for even better alternatives. 

We do not wish to put our products on sale for many reasons. The clothes we make are beautifully crafted using high quality fabrics and everything is thought to lower our impact on the environment and provide fair and safe working conditions and amazing service to you. Making high-quality clothes has a price and it is not cheap. Unfortunately, due to high-street shops and fast-fashion, people have completely forgotten that quality has a price. Luxurious and long-lasting pieces are more expensive to buy but they are way more beautiful, better for the environment and on the long run more cost-effective than buying and throwing cheaper clothes regularly.

Moreover, as a start-up, our production costs are so much higher because we make limited quantities collections that are way below standard minimum quantities orders and therefore all our fabrics and components come at a much higher price. Additionally, we only choose to work with highly-skilled tailors in workshops that have high-end equipment and machines. If you then add in all the other costs related to running a business (which are many), it does appear clearly  that if we put our products on sale we wouldn’t be here to make a next collection. Did you know that sales also trigger impulse buying? Meaning buying stuff we don’t need and won’t use which is pointless, instead, we promote conscious and meaningful purchases.

We design with the whole world in mind and think about making meaningful collections, that is why we create limited editions capsules that always complete one another so you will always find something to match your current pieces with our new arrivals or any piece you already own. No matter where you live in the world, where you’re going on holidays or what season you find yourself in, you will always find something you need or want. Our schedule is not governed by the traditional fashion seasonal trends and timings, instead, we take all the time we need to make beautiful, high-end pieces and release them when they are perfect in the true spirit of slow & significant fashion! 

Our style is definitely minimal, effortlessly sexy, always elegant, feminine and powerful. We take the greatest care in crafting perfect patterns in Paris so that our cuts are flawless and fit you perfectly. We choose materials that are of course eco-friendly but also have the softest handfeel, the most beautiful fall and subtle aspect. We think in the long-run and rather than making collection that answer to ‘the trend of the moment’ we prefer to design pieces for minimalist capsule wardrobes that you can mix and match with different styles, dress up or dress down and use and re-use from the office to the beach, to get the maximum amount of wears per piece, which also makes our styles very cost-effective. 

We take the greatest care making our products so that you can keep them for years, so please love & care for them too. The way you treat your clothes at home can have a huge negative impact on the environment, so please follow our care instructions on our labels or product description ‘Love & Care’ category of the website. We don’t recommend using dry cleaners ever, as they use so many chemicals and toxic products, even so-called ‘green’ dry cleaners.

We recommend cold or 30* delicate machine wash or hand wash for all our garments. For woven pieces, we recommend that you air dry them flat or on hanger. For knits we recommend a gentle tumble dry so that they keep their shape and softness or flat drying is also possible for lightweight pieces. However, do not hang to dry any knit piece as they might loose their shape. We also urge you to use a gentle, natural and organic laundry detergent so as to reduce the amount of chemicals that end up in water streams near you and protect your delicate garments. No need to add softener, our fabrics are naturally incredibly soft and stay that way!

Do you believe everything you are told? Do you believe claims that are made about what you buy? That a product is ‘ethically’ made, that is it ‘sustainable’? It seems every single company is now ‘green’ but not many can support their beautifully written corporate social responsibility policies. Whatever claims you encounter you should check it our for yourself. So instead of only telling you, we will just show you. We will show you how it’s made. We will show you where, with whom, when, in what conditions and why. Our aim as we grow, is to be able to show you every single step of how our products are made, from the very field to our packing in the warehouse. It doesn’t seem like a challenge but you can trust us, it really is. There is absolutely no transparency in the fashion industry and it is most often extremely difficult to trace back where a fabric comes from or where a garment was made. But we do our absolute best!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and then wonder… Wonder what kind of world we would live in, if companies were accountable for their behaviour, if they had to show you what they do and justify why they do it that way? What kind of world if consumers cared, if they demanded their right to know to be respected? If they fulfilled their duty to support companies that make good? I’ll leave you to answer that… 

Because our ethical and sustainable values don’t stop at people and the planet. Animals are with us on earth and no matter the claims of ‘ethically sourced’ animal products you have seen, there is no such thing. As soon as there is an economic interest involved, no third party or label can guarantee the good treatment of living beings, because making more profits always comes in the way… Animals deserve to be happy and free, just like the rest of us. We do not use silk, wool, leather or any animal product in our collections. Clothing is just the start, we are already planning our future with vegan accessories, shoes and much more…

This company is not perfect. It is a start. It’s a growing project that improves day by day, collection after collection. I promise to share it all, the amazing, all that is left to improve and everything in between. Our goal is to be the most transparent and honest company, doing the absolute best we can with the resources currently available. This is what we are, and as we grow, we really hope to change the way people consume fashion and remind them of the stories behind what they buy so that they can make better choices. We want to make meaningful, conscious fashion the new norm. It is all about being happier and healthier by living more and better with less but more meaningful stuff!

You have a choice, everyday, to create a better world, a world that is more sustainable, more ethical and more compassionate. Will you? If you have read this far then I hope you do. I hope you join us. No matter where you are from and what you do. I hope today you care more and find more ways to align your values with your actions. Please know that I have created this company for you. For you and I, because we will be the one changing the world! 

Eléonore CASS

Founder & CEO