● CARE ●

We make our garments and accessories with the greatest attention and passion, each component is carefully selected and put together to create beautiful pieces of the highest quality and utmost environmental and social standards. Every detail is taken into consideration to always push forward the fashion industry and find innovative ways to make it an active player of the sustainable and ethical revolution. We work with small-scale, family-owned workshops, striving to keep skills and traditional craftsmanship alive while being respectful of each of their employees and the world we all live in. In an effort to be transparent and completely honest, we want to show you how your clothes are made from start to finish, so follow our adventures and see for yourself!


Fashion is a form of art, self expression and a way to represent an era and convey its emotions and ideas. Aesthetics is not only superficial beauty, but a reflection of sentiments, tastes and cultures. Our aesthetics is to create garments that are beautiful in the way they are made, the way the are worn, the way they connect us to the world and for what they represent - a solution to create a more ethical, more sustainable and more compassionate present and future for all. Our minimalistic approach to design and life reflects the current desire of many to lead a more meaningful and conscious life by consuming less but better. 


Creating beautiful garments inside-out is only the first step to our project. The most essential part of this endeavour is to raise awareness on the protection of our planet and all its inhabitants, nurture people and charity projects, create sustainable systems to empower artisans and communities, light the way to prove that fashion doesn’t have to be wasteful, meaningless, disposable, shameful and harmful but that it can be the opposite. We aim to create meaningful fashion items that tell a story and that you will love, cherish, care for and keep for many years. 


We do a different kind of business, we’ve got our own style, a business that is fair for everyone and that never uses or hurts animals, that has a positive impact on the planet, that is free of photoshop, airbrush and unrealistic standards, free of pressure to be something you are not. So yes, it is not perfect. But it’s real and raw, and that is way better. Our style is quite simple, be yourself because no one else can do it better, dress the way you like and always lead the way for a more compassionate, ecological and beautiful world. 

● MADE ●

How was it made? Where? By whom? With what? In what conditions? These are the question that started everything, this company and a life of always questioning established ways. These questions, most often without any answers, no matter if you buy a tee-shirt, a table or a bag of rice, and yet, these stories of the making of our stuff are the beginning of everything. That is why we decided to tell you each and everyone of them, to give you the opportunity to connect to a whole world through your items. Stories of people, places, processes and pieces that all put together make your products. Stories you would normally never hear of, but that give us reasons to reconsider our consumption habits and realise how often we forget our links with the world and the people in it. Thank you for being a part of it.