CASS was founded in 2017 by French designer Eléonore Cass with the desire to create meaningful, bold and timeless fashion pieces. Our ethos & business practices are simple - we are respectful of people, the earth and animals at every single stage. Even though this is not currently the norm in business, we strongly believe it should - and will be.

Ethical Manufacturing

Each piece is carefully crafted by a tailor so that it has all the attention it deserves. Because our highly-skilled tailors make a whole item from start to finish, we are able to deliver incredible quality and finishing and create luxurious vegan pieces while tracing back exactly who made. We want to show you all the hard work we do backstage, that is why, each of our pieces has a label with the name of the tailor who has made it, so you can see the people behind your clothes that are usually completely forgotten.



All our materials are of natural origin, recyclable, biodegradable and/or compostable. They are chosen because they are processed without any chemicals or with a lot less chemicals compared to conventional fabrics. We use certified organic materials and low-impact dyes whenever possible to reduce to the maximum the amount of pesticides and chemicals in the environment and on your skin. We strive to use fabrics that are derived from natural renewable resources, are fast-growing, economical in water usage and need no pesticides.



We keep all our packaging bare and minimal - everything that we use is recycled and recyclable. We created up-cycled and reusable garment bags to ship our orders with pieces of leftover fabrics that would otherwise go to waste. Our goal is to reduce to the absolute minimum disposable packaging sent out in your package and that ends up in the trash after it’s opened (no to tissue papers, stickers, catalogues &  plastic wrappings…) We do our best to be a zero-waste and plastic-free company.



Our schedule is not governed by the traditional fashion seasonal trends and timings, instead, we take all the time we need to make beautiful, high-end pieces and release them when they are perfect in the true spirit of slow & significant fashion. Our style is minimal, effortlessly sexy, always elegant, feminine and powerful. We prefer to design pieces for minimalist capsule wardrobes that you can mix and match with different styles, dress up or dress down and use and re-use from the office to the beach, to get the maximum amount of wears per piece.


Our aim as we grow, is to be able to show you every single step of how our products are made, from the very field to our packing in the warehouse. It doesn’t seem like a challenge but it really is. There is absolutely no transparency in the fashion industry and it is most often extremely difficult to trace back where a fabric comes from or where a garment was made. To change the world, we believe that companies should be accountable for their behaviour and transparent about their actions. As a citizen, you also have a choice to support good practices every time you decide to buy a product. 


This company is not perfect. It is a start. It’s a growing project that improves day by day, collection after collection. Our goal and duty is to be the most transparent and honest company, doing the absolute best we can with the resources currently available. This is what we are, and as we grow, we really hope to change the way people consume fashion and remind them of the stories behind what they buy so that they can make better choices. We want to make meaningful, conscious fashion the new norm. It is all about being happier and healthier by living more and better with less but more meaningful stuff.


Keeping your garments beautiful for years to come…


Cold or 30*
delicate machine
wash or hand wash,
no dry cleaning


gentle, natural and organic
laundry detergent,
no need to add softener


gentle tumble dry or
air drying for lightweight pieces,
fold to keep shape intact


air dry flat or on hanger,
steaming or delicate


love & re-wear as many
times as possible, repair,
reuse, transform & recycle responsibly